Janet Elizabeth Akyol, LMFT, CSAT - Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, MFC 51250
Groups are a wonderful way to find healing, whether by themselves or in conjunction with other therapy, such as your individual or couples work.  If you want to get to the solution sooner, try something new; a group could be just what you need.  I offer groups on a regular basis in the following areas:  Please note:  group times or days are not listed in order to maintain client confidentiality.  Please call or e-mail for information about meetings times/days.  Groups may be held at other locations.

Codependency Support & Process Group
Campbell Codependency Group
Codependents often put other's needs above their own, and may even feel guilty when they take care of themselves.  Many grew up in a family that struggled with addictions and/or mental health issues, and/or have a significant other drink, use or medicate herself or himself with an addiction.  If you are finding it difficult to say no, are putting yourself on the back burner, and life is becoming unmanageable, join us to explore your options.  This group will provide you the safety and the non-judgemental support you need to explore these issues, and will give you the opportunity to learn ways you can change. 
Men's Sexual Recovery: Support & Process Group
Help for sexual Addiction, porn addictionAre you ready to reclaim your life?  In a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment, discover ways to break free from your addiction, to move beyond it, and into your true self.  If you want help to stop acting out, to reconnect with yourself and others, and to move beyond the bonds of your addiction, call today.  Live the life you want.  There is help, there is hope, there is healing!   
Phase I:  New Beginnings. Early recovery tasks, such as learning about your addiction, craving/urge control, ceasing addictive, self-destructive behaviors, and developing a support network. Phase II: Beyond The Basics.  Once addictive behaviors are contained, moving forward and working on the deeper components of the addiction, and moving toward a new life; the life of your choosing.  New Groups begin every 12 weeks.  

Women's Love & Sexual Addiction Recovery: 
Support & Process Group 
Female Sexual AddictionA therapy group for women in recovery from sex and/or love addiction.  Discover that you are not alone.  Connect with other women struggling with sex and/or love addiction, in a warm, supportive, non-judgemental and safe environment.  The group will have an educational element, combined with group psychotherapy, providing you the opportunity to explore the patterns and cycles of your compulsive behaviors, discover recovery strategies, relapse prevention, and go more in-depth to unearth the possible roots of your addiction.  Call or e-mail for days/times.  
Co-Ed Support for Partners of Sex Addicts
Improve self esteem group in downtown CampbellIn a supportive, caring and non-judgmental space, come together with other  partners who understand what you are going through.  You are not alone!  There is hope, there is help, there is healing.  Unlike other addictions, the shame of sexual addiction keeps many isolated in their pain.  Often the partner feels unable to turn to their usual support systems of family, friends, co-workers or spiritual advisors, and can remain stuck and alone in a world of intense emotions.  I invite you to step onto the path of your own healing.  Reclaim your life, your sanity, your Self.  
Free To Be Me - Improving Self Esteem 
Learn to esteem yourself.  Be free to be you.A 12 week introductory group in which you will explore the origins of low self esteem, and learn new strategies for dealing with the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are a part of your struggle.  Learn ways to esteem yourself, to feel worthwhile and to love yourself.  Learn to be free!
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