Janet Elizabeth Akyol, LMFT, CSAT - Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, MFC 51250
Sexual Addiction Treatment
Sexual Addiction groupsSexual addiction hurts the lives of all those it touches.   Whether the addict is single, partnered, married, or has children,  the addiction impacts all persons and relationships, even the one the addict has with him or herself.   The good news is that life can be reclaimed and addiction managed.  It takes much effort, focus and dedication to heal, as with any addiction, but it is possible.

Sex and Love Addiction GroupsTreatment is optimal when undertaken by clinicians that have acquired the specialized training and the skills necessary to treat this complex addiction, such as a CSAT, a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist trained through IITAP.  As a CSAT, a specialist, Janet E. Akyol is qualified to assess and treat all aspects of sexual addiction, which includes working with addicts,  partners of sex addicts, children, adult children of sex addicts, and the family unit as a whole.  In addition Janet  collaborates with other professionals who specialize in sexual addiction to bring a team approach to your healing.  As everyone has been impacted, treatment is optimal when all involved seek support.

I provide a confidential, emotionally safe, compassionate and respectful environment, in which to assist you in breaking free from the bonds of addiction, as well as helping you to restore your emotional health and well-being.  We know that healing is not only possible, but a person can move beyond their symptomatic behaviors and into a new, richer, fuller life.  Our aim is to help bring healing and balance into your life by integrating the latest outcome informed treatment protocols with holistic approaches in order to treat you, the whole person.  As with any therapeutic relationship, we walk with you on your path, provide insight and tools, but ultimately you must do the very arduous task of recovery. 
Below are some simple tests you can take if you are concerned that you or a loved one may be struggling due to sexual addiction.  Please note, these tests are not a substitute for a comprehensive screening by a qualified professional.  These tests let you know that you may have a problem.  Follow the links to these informative, quick self-tests offered by various other providers:


Open to all males of any sexual orientation seeking recovery from sexual addiction.

Open to both males and females of any sexual orientation seeking support and healing from betrayal by a sex addict partner.